Pizza Dough

When I ask my pizza fanatic husband for a pizza dough recipe he did not disappoint. He has been perfecting this dough for years now making sure that the chew was perfect, thin enough that there is no chance of a soggy bottom, toothsome but not so bready that it’s like a breadstick.

Lamb Sausage Pizza

On a road trip through Portland, OR we stopped for dinner at a hole in the wall pizza place, where we tried an unconventional flavor that blew our minds! It was an olive oil base, roasted garlic, mascarpone and mozzarella cheese, and lamb sausage, we knew we had make it at home, and that’s just what we did.Of course we changed it a touch once we started making it at home, we replaced the garlic with caramelized onions, added chives for freshness, and made our own lamb sausage. Now we make this pizza almost every time we make pizza at home.

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