Hawaiian Mac Salad

You cannot have a plate lunch without Mac Salad! Chicken katsu, 1 scoop of rice and, 2 scoops of mac salad is my go to plate lunch, but the mac salad has to touch the rice so the mac salad gets a little warm and the rice has have just a hint of mayo which … Continue reading Hawaiian Mac Salad

Spam Musubi

I grew up having Spam, eggs, and rice for breakfast. Spam fried rice for lunch, and of course, Spam musubi for a snack. So Spam has always been a favorite of mine. Every time I visit Hawaii, one of the first things I seek out is, musubi.  Musubi is a thick layer of rice with […]

Kalua Pork

Kalua pork, probably the most recognizable Hawaiian dish for anyone who has ever been to a luau in Hawaii. It usually is the star of the show because traditionally it's a whole pig cooked in an emu, which is a big hole in the ground that someone has built a huge fire in to heat … Continue reading Kalua Pork