Asparagus Glass Noodles

When I was 7, my dad forced me to quit gymnastics which I LOVED. I even did so well that there was talk about me trying out for the competitive team; I'm not still bitter or anything. Now that I'm a parent, I'm thinking they were just trying to get more money out of my … Continue reading Asparagus Glass Noodles

Pork Lumpia

Filipino food may not be as big or sought after as other Asian foods, but even if you don't know a thing about it I'm pretty sure you have heard of Lumpia. Maybe you've had it but didn't know what it was or that it was filipino. When I was six years old, I moved … Continue reading Pork Lumpia

Banana Lumpia

There's an island in the middle of the pacific. That island is in the middle of a string of other islands, and in the middle of that island are the Healing stones or (Keanianileihuaokalani) which are just around the corner from one of my favorite places on this world, my grandma's house! In the back … Continue reading Banana Lumpia

Furikake Popcorn

Every culture has their weird snacks and Hawaii is no different. The islands really are a melting pot of cultures, Theres a huge population of both Japanese and Filipino, as well as a mix of other Micronesian cultures and Chinese. So it shouldn't be surprising that the snacks would also be a melting pot too. … Continue reading Furikake Popcorn

Hawaiian Fried Rice

As I sit in my kiddo's Dentist office waiting room, watching Moana for the 14th time while he gets a filling. I feel 3000 miles away from Hawaii (because I am). I'm over hearing other parents say they're now in the mood for "Hawaiian food" and how they should order a "Hawaiian" pizza for dinner. … Continue reading Hawaiian Fried Rice

Chicken Long Rice

To me, Chicken Long Rice is the most under rated luau food. Every one knows Kalua Pork, Mac Salad, Spam Musubi, even Haupia. Every tourist style luau on the islands have chicken long rice but it's always over looked. Which is such a shame because it is delicious! It is one of my comfort foods. … Continue reading Chicken Long Rice

Guava Cake

If you have ever been to Hawaii you have probably come across arguably what is Hawaii's best cake, Guava Chiffon Cake. It's the perfect dessert to follow Zippy's chili, fried chicken, mac salad and, rice!! Or like me, a great breakfast the next morning after Zippy's because I was too full for dessert. My dad was born … Continue reading Guava Cake

Hawaiian Mac Salad

You cannot have a plate lunch without Mac Salad! Chicken katsu, 1 scoop of rice and, 2 scoops of mac salad is my go to plate lunch, but the mac salad has to touch the rice so the mac salad gets a little warm and the rice has have just a hint of mayo which … Continue reading Hawaiian Mac Salad

Spam Musubi

I grew up having Spam, eggs, and rice for breakfast. Spam fried rice for lunch, and of course, Spam musubi for a snack. So Spam has always been a favorite of mine. Every time I visit Hawaii, one of the first things I seek out is, musubi.  Musubi is a thick layer of rice with […]

Kalua Pork

Kalua pork, probably the most recognizable Hawaiian dish for anyone who has ever been to a luau in Hawaii. It usually is the star of the show because traditionally it's a whole pig cooked in an emu, which is a big hole in the ground that someone has built a huge fire in to heat … Continue reading Kalua Pork