Peach and Raspberry Galette

A galette is a French dessert that is a flat round or freeform tart or pie that I make with a hybrid crust that’s part pie crust part puff pastry so it’s the flakiest crust you’ll ever make that is a lot easier to make than it sounds. You can fill your galette with whatever your heart contents but are there any other fruits that scream summer like peaches and raspberries? I think not. The two fruits together are pure magic

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Everything you love about strawberry cheesecake but in a cupcake.

Spritz Cookies

Similar to sugar cookies they’re buttery, crispy, with a hint of almond. These addictive morsels are formed with a cookie press and are easy to make.

Banoffee Pie

A classic English dessert, toffee, bananas, and a little chocolate how can you go wrong? Also pairs nicely with a pot of earl grey tea.

The only shortbread cookie recipe you’ll ever need.

Buttery, crunchy and semi addictive cookies.

Lemon Bars

With only a few ingredients you can make a decadent, tart lemon curd layered over a rich, buttery shortbread crust.

Haupia Cake

Growing up and only being knee high to the bakery display at Zippy’s, I only knew haupia cake to also be topped with my favorite coconut pudding.Haupia (how-pee-ah), is a thick coconut pudding that is usually served as squares at the end of a luau buffet line, a perfect little sweet coconut bite to finish a heavy meal is perfect.The most modern interpretation of haupia is haupia cake, where it is used as a filling, in a white cake topped with whip cream icing.

Ono Butter Mochi

Butter mochi is a traditional Hawaiian treat, it is made with a high glutenous rice flour called Mochiko Flour. Like most Hawaiian food Butter Mochi is a fusion of different cultures who most likely met on in a plantation village. My guess on how butter mochi has come to be is that it is a hybrid of Japanese Mochi and Filipino Bibingka.

Raspberry Lemon Eclairs

Mom confession, some times I “go to the grocery store” but really I’m just eating junk food in my van, my favorite shame food is a chocolate eclair. To keep my I car snack special I fill these with lemon curd, whipped cream then with fresh raspberries.

Peach Bourbon Cupcakes

As I’ve talked about in other blog posts my mom tried to instill the love of gardening in me at a young age and I fought it like crazy. When my husband and I finally bought a house, we planted a handful of fruit trees, but the one I was really looking forward to wasContinue reading “Peach Bourbon Cupcakes”

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