Deep Dish Cojonudo Vegetarian Quiche with Hash Brown Crust

Kick up your Mother’s Day brunch with this cojonudo quiche, so filled with chorizo, peppers, onions, and other goodies only a deep dish crust made of hash browns can contain the goodness.

The Ultimate Bagel

It’s the “ultimate” bagel because it’s a solid base dough for most bagel flavors, therefore it can be almost any bagel you need it to be.

Coconut French Toast

The bright tropical colors that top this sweet coconuntty, soft french toast really is the perfect crowd-pleasing brunch. Top all of that with a silky warm coconut syrup to make this toast over the top.

Blueberry Hill Granola

An updated favorite from an old restaurant I grew up going to. With the addition of almond liquor, I’m not the only thing that grew up.

Christmas Morning Puff Pancakes

Similar to a pop-over or a Yorkshire pudding, where a batter of milk, eggs, and flour is baked in a hot oven so the sides rise (or puff). Served imminently with lemon, and powdered sugar glaze. And must be served with Cheddar smokies.

Swedish Pancakes

A thin eggy pancake that is slightly sweet, and great served with lingonberry or huckleberry syrup.

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hawaiian Fried Rice, there is no Pineapple but there is the the trifecta of the island’s favorite meats Spam, Portuguese sausage, and lap cheong.

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