My Grandma was a big collector of recipes, and when she passed, I got her accordion file of all the recipes she collected. Some recipes were in the newspaper dating back to the 60's. She had so many recipes in fact that 10 years ago, my parents asked her for her favorites and they made … Continue reading Granola

Swedish Pancakes

If you saw me, you would never assume that I'm Swedish. But I am very Swedish. Exactly 1/4th and my Swedish roots run deep. I'm kind of a genealogy nerd I love looking into my family tree. I have dug so deep into my Swedish family line that I've been able to trace my family … Continue reading Swedish Pancakes

Hawaiian Fried Rice

As I sit in my kiddo's Dentist office waiting room, watching Moana for the 14th time while he gets a filling. I feel 3000 miles away from Hawaii (because I am). I'm over hearing other parents say they're now in the mood for "Hawaiian food" and how they should order a "Hawaiian" pizza for dinner. … Continue reading Hawaiian Fried Rice