Bad Day Pasta

Quick and easy pasta that will cure anything and everything going wrong in your life. Buttery, garlicky, cheesy, with a touch of spice.

Salsa Verde

I find salsa verde more versatile than salsa, it’s great as an enchilada sauce, chilaquiles, slow braise sauce of a chuck roast for tacos, bonus if you add more sauce to the leftover chuck roast then you have an amazing tamale filling, or a dipping sauce for chips or better yet some creamy chicken taquitos. 

Fancy Sauce

Fry sauce and fancy sauce both are cut from the same cloth. When my husband and I went to New York one of the first places we went to eat was, Shake Shack. Our idea of fast food burgers were flipped upside down! I feel every region has there notorious burger place. California/west coast has,Continue reading “Fancy Sauce”

Classic Beef Stock

Beef stock is the base to my favorite soup, who doesn’t love a French onion soup when it is done right? But beef stock is so much more than a soup base just like chicken stock you can add it to just about anything you’d add chicken stock to, add it to a pot roastContinue reading “Classic Beef Stock”

Classic Marinara Sauce

Growing up, my mom was definitely the cook in the family. My dad really had 3 recipes that all involved opening a can of beans and adding ketchup to it. My mom is a pretty good home cook but she was taught by her mom who was the definition of a 50’s housewife, casserole this casserole that.Continue reading “Classic Marinara Sauce”

Classic Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the most versatile and easiest to make, really it’s like a gateway stock to a life and freezer full of different stocks.  Every rotisserie chicken carcass, every bone that has been de-boned is saved until I have a gallon bag full of chicken bones.  If I’m out of stock but I don’t haveContinue reading “Classic Chicken Stock”

Asian Chicken Stock

Why do I make an Asian style chicken stock? The simple answer is, I really love Ramen! I was making Chicken Long Rice and I had extra broth, I thought, well this is half way to ramen broth why don’t I save it for the next time I need broth? The next time I madeContinue reading “Asian Chicken Stock”

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