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Since neither of us is in the food industry as of current I decided to finally do something that I had been thinking about for years, I started this food blog. My goal to this is to finally share the recipes that friends and family have begged me to share.


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Kacey was born in Honolulu Hawaii to my Very Nordic mother and my Very Filipino father. At 6 my family moved to Seattle and closer to my Nordic grandparents. My grandmothers couldn’t be any more different from each other especially when it came to the kitchen. My mother’s mother was very much the stereotype of a 60’s housewife. She was a SAHM of 5 and the Casserole Queen which all, of course, all had cream of mushroom soup, but it was her cookies that made her famous. My Filipino grandmother and step-grandpa live right in the center of the island of Oahu, together they grew as much as they could on their tiny 1/4 of an acre home. They had 2 different mango trees, a banana orchard, multiple citrus trees, a good-sized vegetable garden as well as a cherimoya tree and lots of ginger and aloe scattered around. My grandma would cook everything from scratch and everything was Filipino. What I have come to understand later in years, is that my grandmother immigrated to Hawaii when she married my grandfather who was a stranger. She had to learn how to be a house wife very young and far away from her family. When I would compare how my grandmother cooked a dish vs. how a friend’s family would cook a dish it was very different and I never knew why. With my dad growing up with that, you’d think something would have rubbed off on him but in the kitchen, but he couldn’t have fallen farther from the tree. His specialties were canned pork and beans with hot dogs over rice or canned chili with hot dogs over rice.

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My mom, on the other hand, is a good cook she would never use a recipe and use my dad and me as her own personal guinea pigs.  Most of the time it was good but when she would flop she would flop, her breakfast pasta is what nightmares are made of. I always had a passion to cook and in middle school, I would start making dinner for my parents once a week. I cooked my way through the Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook. As you could guess right after high school I enrolled in Culinary school,  while in school I took a job as a line cook at the newly opened P.F. Chang’s restaurant, but like every Seattleite I found my love for coffee and promptly quit P.F. Chang’s and bouncing around from coffee roasters and mom and pop coffee shops.



Colby was born in the center of Washington state in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. He is a grandson of Roswell (Doc) Rosauer, whose family started the Rosauer’s Supermarket chain. His parents met during a ski trip to Sun Valley, ID and discovered they lived in the same city. A few years after Colby was born the family decided to move to Palm Springs, California. They traveled back and forth between southern California and eastern Washington eventually moving to Spokane to be closer to his Grandparents. Colby’s family are some OG foodies, making everything from scratch and cooking almost every meal. He spent time in the kitchen hand pulling salt water taffy, kneading bread, and hand rolling fresh pasta. Colby moved to the Seattle area to attend college where he was studying business. During his studies, he discovered that path wasn’t proving to be very fulfilling. He followed his heart and decided to enroll in Culinary Arts. It was there that he discovered his true calling in life, food, he also discovered a super cute fellow student (spoiler: Me) and we’ve been together ever since.

Us and our food blog

Towards the end of school, I had to the opportunity to buy a little coffee shop. Together Colby and I opened and ran our little coffee shop that was in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Colby and I closed the coffee shop shortly after finding out we were not only pregnant but pregnant with TWINS!! After a few years of working as a waitress and being a new mother, I decided that being a mother was more important and quit my job and stayed home with the boys. A stay at home mom I was until Colby and I were approached by a friend to help open a food truck, together we built that truck from a shell of a delivery truck to a popular and successful food truck in Seattle. As much as we loved the food truck life food truck life didn’t love our family, and after having to work on our son’s birthday we thought long and hard about if this we the life we wanted and ultimately left the truck. Colby took a job of being a front of the house manager for a giant chain restaurant, and I went back to coffee. Not long after that, my dad passed away and we decided to completely uproot ourselves and move across the state to Colby’s hometown of Spokane. 

Moving to Spokane has been a bit of a shock to the system of this big city dweller, but there has been a good handful of benefits. The main one being closer to Colby’s parents so they can finally spoil the boys the way they’ve always hoped to do. Another is reconnecting with old friends of Colby’s and having an excuse to have all the dinner parties. Since moving I have taken up a job as a photographer, and Colby is building his skills as a website designer. Since neither of us is in the food industry as of current I decided to finally do something that I had been thinking about for years, I started this blog. My goal to this is to finally share the recipes that friends and family have begged me to share. Since starting our blog we have also been able to connect with new friends and acquaintances that share our passion with food, introducing us to Spokane’s up and coming names, or places and are showing us Spokane with new eyes.

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