About Us

spaceneedleHi, I’m Kacey and I was born in Honolulu Hawaii to my Very Nordic mother and my Very Filipino father. At 6 my family moved to Seattle and closer to my Nordic grandparents. My grandmothers couldn’t be any more different from each other especially when it came to the kitchen.  Marnie (my mother’s mother) was very much the stereotype of a 60’s housewife.  She was a SAHM of 5 and very intrigued by ready to eat dinners and casseroles which all, of course, all had cream of mushroom soup, but it was her cookies that made her famous.  Her cookies were a mix of her Swedish family recipes and her husband’s (Boppie) Norwegian family cookies.  My Filipino grandmother (June) and step-grandpa (Cylde) live right in the center of the island of Oahu,  together they grew as much as they could on their tiny 1/4 of an acre home that is in a housing community.  Together they had 2 different mango trees, a banana orchard, multiple citrus trees, a good-sized vegetable garden as well as a cherimoya tree and lots of ginger.  My grandma would cook everything from scratch and everything was Filipino.  With my dad (Sevy) growing up with that, you’d think something would have rubbed off on him but in the kitchen, but he couldn’t have fallen farther from the tree. His specialties were canned pork and beans with hot dogs over rice or canned chili with hot dogs and rice. My mom (Hollie) on the other hand is a good cook she would never use a recipe and use my dad and me as her own personal guinea pigs.  Most of the time it was good but when she would flop she would flop.  Her breakfast pasta is what nightmares are made of.

colby-and-cowI always had a passion to cook and in middle school, I would start making dinner for my parents once a week. As you could guess right after high school I enrolled into Culinary school, where while in my second semester I met the cute new student named Colby and we’ve been together ever since.  While in school I took a job as a line cook at the newly opened P.F. Chang’s restaurant, but like every Seattleite I found my love for coffee and promptly quit P.F. Chang’s and bouncing around from coffee roasters and mom and pop coffee shops until I was given the chance to open my own coffee shop.  Together Colby and I opened and ran our little coffee shop that was in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Colby and I closed the coffee shop shortly after finding out we were not only pregnant but pregnant with TWINS!! After a few years of working as a waitress and being a new mother, I decided that being a mother was more important and quit my job and stayed home with the boys while trying to find creative ways to make money from home.  I started making wedding and specialty cakes for friends and friends of friends, I also started designing and burning custom cutting boards.   

boys-eggsThese days I am consumed with making my yard feed not only my family but other families by selling my extra produce and eggs.  I’m also trying to find better ways to grow my normal garden staples but also trying new things to grow like mushrooms and wheat.  The dream though is to start a farm, we want to run a wedding venue as our main income but also have a commercial kitchen so we can make cheeses, cured meats and whatever else we can think of to sell off the farm.  We currently have 10 chickens and trying to figure out whether to get ducks or game birds, since we don’t have the room for what we really want. We really want goats, a cow or 2, game birds and ducks and probably a pig or 2. As well as a huge garden and big greenhouse so I can grow year round what I can in the Pacific North West.