New Years Eve Cocktails

Let’s be honest for a minute and agree that 2020 has given us plenty of reasons to drink.

Let’s be honest for a minute and agree that 2020 has given us plenty of reasons to drink. It hasn’t been a great year and we have all been affected by this pandemic. Whether you’re an overworked essential worker, one of the many who have lost their job, struggling through quarantine, not seeing loved ones, or like me becoming your kid’s most under qualified teacher, it’s been hard! But through the struggle, we can still find things to cheer for! Like distilleries who are using their resources to make much-needed hand sanitizer, more time to spend with family, Netflix, and the nation’s instant gratitude for every teacher they have ever had. 

I’ll admit that I’m not the most creative person when it comes to cocktails, anything other than a vodka soda is fancy. SoI asked my friend Luke Barrey who is currently working as a bartender at Gander and Ryegrass, to show me a couple of simple but delicious drinks that will make the last day in 2020 special. Let’s drink away from 2020 and cheer in 2021.

Luke’s Bartending Tips

  • Shake if there’s juice, and stir if there is not. 
  • Always double stain your drinks, to ensure that there is as little sediment in your drink as possible. 
  • Ice is a crucial ingredient, bad-tasting ice will melt into your drink and that flavor will linger. 
  • The size of the ice is also important, too small it will dilute your drink too fast. Best to shake or stir with small ice serve with bigger ice cubes or “gentlemen’s ice”.
  • When garnishing with citrus zest try to zest over the glass so that any oils from the rind will add flavor to your drink, or at least twist the zest over the glass. Also, give the rim of the glass with the zest before dropping it into the drink.  

An Old Fashion Midnight Kiss

The addition of blackberries brings a traditional Old Fashion to a dark and moody place, fitting for 2020.

Horse Necking

A simple drink that has a big wow factor that will make your guests think you’re a better bartender than you really are.

Cheers to a Less Misérable 2021

Like looking through rose-colored glasses into 2021. Gin, lemon, raspberries, and champagne what more do you need?

2020 Done Me Dirty Martini

It’s bad luck to have an even amount of olives in a dirty martini. So let’s not press our luck, add 3 olives to this dirty martini so we don’t have a repeat of 2020.

The Ball Drop, a Champagne Cocktail

The perfect drink to ring in the New Year with. Champagne sweetened with a cranberry pear puree, and sugared cranberries aka balls to drop into your drink.

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