So You’re Having a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, America’s favorite sports day, Go Sports Team! But not everyone is a sports person, and that’s ok, I am not a sports person*. For the rest of us The Super Bowl is really just an excuse to eat, drink and watch commercials so why not make sure there is food as exciting as the sports game if not more. Here’s a list that will make you’re Super Bowl exciting.

*except soccer, exclusively Seattle Sounder’s soccer.

1. Coconut Mezcal Margarita

Let’s be honest if you’re at a Super Bowl party and you’re not a sports person you’ll probably need some tolerance juice. This coconut mezcal margarita, from Boozy Oyster is the perfect balance of sweet with a touch of spice, that is guaranteed to make the game at least semi-interesting.

2. Adobo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a must have for game day. There are whole restaurants dedicated to the fact that chicken wings and sports go together. There are about million ways to make chicken wings but I’m in love with this version because it has flavors of my Filipino heritage but reminders of spice and vinegar, what a chicken wings are known for.

3. Football Shaped Bread Bowl With Spinach Dip

Why not have food look as great as it tastes? Fellow food blogger This Ole Mom has made my favorite spinach dip into a must have on you’re table. I’m loving this because doing one thing different makes it seem like I’m more interested in football then I really am.

4. Mini Bacon Burger Bites

Who doesn’t love food on a stick? Have you seen a cuter food on a stick ? Surprise your party goers with an unusual burger on a stick from Picture the Recipe. It’s the way to grab and go so you don’t just hover around the food table, unless you have no shame like me.

5. Game Day Meatballs

The easiest thing you’ll make all day! Three ingredients and a crockpot is all you’ll need to have these addictive and crowd pleasing meatballs.

6. Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball

All cheese balls aren’t created equal. Sweet or savory I’m not bias I’ll eat them all and I’m loving this is a sweet take on the normal crowd pleaser from Shugary Sweets.

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