Where to escape for a drink in Spokane

So you’re in Spokane Washington, maybe for the Holidays, business trip, or just coming home for the first time in a while, welcome but let’s face it, you need a drink. Either you need to get out of the house from you’re in-law’s options, or just want to see what Spokane has to offer for some tolerance juice. This is the list of my favorite watering holes.

Mai Tai at Tiny Tiki

1. Tiny Tiki

Of course the top of my list is a tiki bar, if that’s a surprise then you don’t know me at all. The “Tiny” tiki isn’t just a name it really is tiny, maybe only seats 12 people, but it’s warm, and nostalgic AF of old Waikiki. I can’t decide what my favorite thing is here the Trader Sam’s cups the owners collect, Gilligan’s Island on repeat, or the fact that their Mai Tai’s are on tap and strong, but you also can’t go wrong with one of their Chi Chis.

Seasonal Drink at Inland Pacific Kitchen

2. Hogwash Whiskey Den and Inland Pacific Kitchen

I know I’m cheating naming 2 places in 1 but when it comes to drinks I can’t decide which is better. These are both in the Washington Cracker Building both are operated by the same fantastic people behind the bar. If you want to impress Inland Pacific Kitchen (IPK) is the place, they have a rotating menu of seasonal drinks or drinks that pair well with the theme of their menu, I have never had a bad drink there. If you’re feeling a little more relaxed and chill in the basement is Hogwash Whiskey Den. As in the name, they serve more whiskey drinks than anything else and didn’t even have vodka on their menu until very recently, which is why whiskey has snuck up on me and has become my #2 favorite liquor. It’s Hogwash’s Horse Neck that converted me. Also as of right now, they have designated the Harry Potter drink menu, which for someone who was stupid close to naming our twins Harry and Ron, you know I’ve been drinking off that menu. Try a Hagrid’s Hipogrif you’ll thank me.

Island Manhattan at Durkins

3. Durkin’s Liquor Bar

More often than not if we’re downtown Spokane we stumble into Durkin’s because their kitchen is still open, and it doesn’t hurt that the food that is coming out of the said kitchen is creative and damn delicious but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Durkin’s has not one bar but two that have different atmospheres and different drink menus. If you find yourself upstairs (where the kitchen is) I highly suggest their Island Manhattan, they sous vide the whiskey with young coconut, make their own bitters, and garnish with nutmeg.  If you’re in the more risky basement bar, the naked ladies on the wallpaper isn’t the only thing that will make you not see straight but so will their El Diablo probably their only tequila drink on either menu is sweet, smokey, and a little spicy. Which you will also be spicy if you have two of them.

Probably a cab sav (my go to red) at Whim Wine Bar

4. Whim Wine Bar

Spokane’s newest wine bar is Whim (I’m really hoping that you read that in the voice of Stephon from SNL, if not that’s ok). It’s inside of River Park Square, its the perfect place to ditch your family from out of town while they explore the mall, or trade with your spouse while waiting in line to see Santa, for a touch of tolerance juice before seeing a movie or skating on the ice ribbon. They know their wines, also unlike other wine bars they have pizza. And not just pizza but good pizza, my favorite is the pizza with Brussels sprouts and ham, but I digress since this post is about drinking.

White Lady at Cease and Desist

5. Cease and Desist

If your visiting home or the in-laws in Spokane and really just need a place to hide out for an hour or two, Cease and Desist is your place. Not only do they have good cocktails like the white lady or their local twist on a Manhattan but it has a hidden entrance behind a bookshelf of what looks like a book store. If you really need to hide from your MIL she will never find you here.

Signature Cocktails at Veraci Pizza

Honorable Mentions- seriously go here too

  1. Wanderlust Delicato– Imagine the most knowledgeable wine lady you know times that by 10 then imagine that lady knows just as much about cheese and charcuterie and locally sources or imports only the best of all three. Not all heroes wear capes!
  2. Veraci Pizza– Pizza by the slice a full bar with a great bloody mary and a view of the city you cannot beat.
  3. Baby Bar– If you can find it tucked behind a burrito place, they have the best lemon drops in town.
  4. Peacock Lounge– A Spokane staple inside the historic Davenport Hotel. Highly recommend the blackberry sidecar while craning your neck to look at the magnificent stained glass of a peacock above the bar.

I was not paid for any mentions in this list, these are my own options. As my favorite Try Guy says “I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up”

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