Spritz Cookies

I will warn you right now, you cannot eat just one of these at a time! It was both a blessing and a curse that my aunt gifted me a cookie press for Christmas one year because that meant I didn’t have to wait for someone to make them for me. Which was a nice excuse for me not to make these cookies? These little one-bite cookies are so addictive I can’t walk past their cookie tin without at least snatching 2-3 of them to enjoy my walk to the kitchen for water.

I think there are two specific reasons I love these cookies, the first and most unoriginal reason is these are one of the thousands of cookies my grandmother would make as part of her cookie spread. I spent many Thanksgiving breaks helping her in the kitchen making (I’m not exaggerating) thousands of cookies. From all of these cookies, we were not allowed to have any until all her friends had the chance to get their share, whatever was left was for our family.  Obviously, my cousins and I would sneak cookies as often as we could, there were so many that she wouldn’t notice some missing, right? The spritz was the easiest to grab on the literal run.

The second reason being, they are the closest I have come to recreating the best cookies I have ever had. My other grandmother lived in Hawaii and would send us to care packages of all our favorite foods from the Islands as well as random cans or jars of sweets she’d grab. One year she sent us our Christmas care package and in it was a jar of cookies, the labels and ingredients were in some other character language. This was long before google translate or even google existed so still to this day I have no idea what these cookies were. They came in a jar which I kept all my colored pencils in for years just so I could remember the label in case I ever saw it in an Asian store, I’d know those were the cookies. They were small, buttery, crunchy, and almond-flavored, very similar to these spritz cookies. If you have a cookie press and more willpower than I have to not eat all these cookies and you can get any other shape to work beside a tree, you will be my hero!

Find this recipe in the December 2019 Issue of Spokane CDA Living Magazine

Yield: 120 Cookies

Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies

Similar to sugar cookies they're buttery, crispy, with a hint of almond. These addictive morsels are formed with a cookie press and are easy to make.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 9 minutes 7 seconds
Total Time 19 minutes 7 seconds


  • 3/4c Sugar
  • 1c Butter
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 1/2t baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1t Almond extract
  • 2-2 1/2c Flour


    1. Cream butter and sugar until smooth and pale in color.
    2. Add Yolks one yolk at a time. Then add almond extract.
    3. Sift baking soda into the flour, adding the dry ingredients gradually until just mixed. The dough should be manageable enough to be able to place into the shaping tool, but not crumbly or the shape won't hold. 
    4. Press cookies an inch apart from another, sprinkle colored sugar sprinkles on each cookie. Then bake for 7-9 minutes or until lightly browned in a 375º oven.  


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