Fried Green Tomato Po’boy

Growing up, my mom was a big gardener. She’d always ask me to help pull weeds, plant new vegetables, and harvest her crop. She tried to pass on the joy of gardening and how fulfilling it was to grow your own food, but I wanted nothing to do with it! I was very close to being a typical “City Girl”. My husband grew up in the country, in the woods on 50 acres of land where his mom had a garden, chickens and fruit trees. He loved every bit of it. When we first started dating he was living in a second floor apartment where his balcony had pots full of different lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, he even had 3 chickens! Once we moved in together we jumped from apartment to apartment and every place we had house plants and vegetables on the deck. I still didn’t care about growing my own food. When we finally bought a house the first thing he wanted to do was to build a huge garden, 30 feet by 30 feet to be exact. The problem was that he was working 40+ hours a week and I was staying home with our twins, so guess who really was having to take care of the garden? The first year’s garden was crap, but every year I’d make it better, raised beds, not raised beds, potatoes in a tub, potatoes in the ground, vertical gardening, and all kinds of vegetables you can’t find at the grocery store. When we sold our house last year our garden was huge, and every inch of space that could grow something had something growing. My favorite thing to grow are tomatoes. I’m not sure what it is I even love the smell of the plant it’s self. Our biggest gardening problem was the fact that we lived in Seattle, we don’t have long hot summers. We have short growing seasons which isn’t great for tomatoes so we always had our hands full of green tomatoes at the end of the season. The best way to have green tomatoes are obviously fried, which are great as an appetizer, but not a complete meal. If you make it into a po’boy and adding some of my favorite fancy sauce you’ve got yourself one hell of a delicious lunch, try it some time!


Fried Green Tomato Po’ boy

Yield: 4 Sandwiches

4 Hoagie Rolls

3-4 large Green Tomatoes

1c Panko bread crumb

1c Corn Meal

1t granulated Onion

1t granulated Garlic

1t Paprika

1t Salt

2 Eggs

5-6 dashes of Hot Sauce

Oil to fry in

Fancy Sauce


Red Onion

To Start: Heat oil in a fry pan (like a cast iron) to 350°. Slice tomatoes into thick slices (1/4in).

Step One: On a plate mix together bread crumbs, corn meal, salt, paprika, granulated garlic, and granulated onion. On another plate beat eggs and hot sauce together.

Step Two: Dredge the tomatoes into the cornmeal mix then the egg, then the cornmeal again making sure to cover all the edges. Then fry until the tomatoes are golden and heated through.

Step Three: As the tomatoes cool, slice the hoagies so the bun hinges, do not cut all the way through. Spread fancy sauce on both sides of the bread and fill with tomatoes, red onion, and lettuce. BOOM! Love in a bun!

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