Fancy Sauce

Fry sauce and fancy sauce both are cut from the same cloth. When my husband and I went to New York one of the first places we went to eat was, Shake Shack. Our idea of fast food burgers were flipped upside down! I feel every region has there notorious burger place. California/west coast has, In an Out (which is good), Seattle has Dicks (which is better), even Spokane has Zip’s or Ron’s (I like Ron’s better than Zips), and the east coast has Shake Shack. For me Shake Shack is better than all of them, not only do they have the best burgers they also have the best fry sauce in the world, and this is the closest I have gotten to recreating it. Thankfully they’re opening a Shake Shack in Seattle soon so I don’t have to spend 5 hours on a jet to get my Shack Shack fill!

Fancy Sauce:

Yield: 1 1/2 cup

1c Mayonnaise

2T Ketchup

1T Yellow Mustard

1t granulated Onion

1t granulated Garlic

2t Paprika

1t Dill

1-2T Dill Pickle Juice

Step One: Mix everything but the pickle juice in a bowl.

Step Two: Use the pickle juice to thin the mixture to a spread able consistency.


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